What do I eat before and after training?

What do I eat before and after training?

A good diet and physical activity go hand in hand: one needs the other and vice versa.a.

It depends on our energy that we can successfully complete any exercise session, and this can only be achieved through a diet appropriate to our goals and needs. You know what to eat before and after training. Next, we will help you solve those doubts and offer you some food suggestions to help you perform at your best during your training.enamiento.

¿What to eat before exercise?

It's time to go to the gym, but first you must know exactly what your body needs to face the next session. What to eat before a workout should not be taken lightly, as diet affects not only your performance but also subsequent physical recovery. Have you ever felt more muscle pain than you should after exercising? It may be due to poor diet.limentación.

It is clear that each body has different needs. However, all athletes have something in common: they want to have enough energy to cover the training session from start to finish without dying in the attempt.to.

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There are three options for this depending on your goals: If you want to lose weight, the rule is very simple: your diet should consist of proteins and vegetables mostly. If your goal is to increase muscle mass, your pre-workout dietmust be a combination of protein and carbohydratesos .If all you want to do is keep your

current body composition, your exercise diet should consist of healthy proteins and fats.

As you can see, in all the options there is something common: the protein .This

It will ensure that your muscles recover more easily in the days following your training.ento.

In addition to these rules, you must add other elements to the equation. Regardless of your goal, you must stay hydrated before, during and after your workout. Do not forget that if you lose more than 3% of hydration of your own weight through sweat, performance will decrease.uirá.

Similarly, prioritize high-fiber carbohydrates, as well as light foods..

¿What should I eat then before trainingr?

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  • Choose high protein foods like eggs, yogurt, or milk.
  • Add easy but slow digestion carbohydrates for a longer duration of energy, such asomo oats, bananas or grapes. Good examples of pre-workout meals would be a bowl of milk and banana, a yogurt with oatmeal or an omelette with some eggs.s.


¿What to eat after trainingo?

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After exercise, it is normal to feel exhausted or without energy. Time to charge the battery! Therefore, there is nothing better than a complete fitness diet choice.ess. Our body not only loses water through sweat, but also electrolytes and minerals.s.

First of all, the body needs water. However, if you planincrease muscle mass,you must eat foodrich in protein and carbohydrates. As we discussed before, protein promotes muscle recovery, so we must add it "yes" or "yes" to the dietieta after exercise. Another advantage of consuming it is that helps speed up metabolism, and if it seems that it is not enough, it will make you feel satisfied for longer.o.

That yes, always choose low fat proteins, such as skinless chicken breast, lean meats, or eggs. Another interesting source of protein is dairy products. Therefore, it is best to drink a glass of milk or yogurt..

Especially during intense training, carbohydrates should be included in a fitness diet, because these carbohydrates can replenish glycogen stores to a minimum after exercise. You can mix them with proteins in a ratio of 3: 1, that is, 1 gram of protein must be added for every 3 grams of carbohydrates. Example:emplo:

  • 2 natural yogurts + an apple + half a dozen walnuts + a little bread.
  • 1 muffin + two slices of cooked turkey or ham + a banana.o.

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If you plan to lose weight, it is recommended not to eat immediately after training. When you are done, what you should do is recover optimally.. Between 60 and 120 minutes later From a workout, you can eat fat-free foods, such as low-fat yogurt with fruit, a cup of skim milk with oatmeal, or whole-wheat sandwiches with fresh cheese or tuna.n.

With these tips, you can certainly know more clearly what to eat before and after training.nto.

¡Give your body just what it needs at all times!

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